Georg Schlingensiepen
CEO, finances, human recources

Born in 1960 Georg initially studied history at the University of Goettingen, Germany. In 1991 he joined the management of a biotech company in Goettingen. Two years later he became managing director of the company and has managed the company profitably until 2009, when he turned it into a pure IP and patent holding.
Georg was also the co-founder of a spin-out, which later became Germany’s fourth most valuable biotech company.


Dr. Wolgang Brysch
Strategic development, marketing

Dr. Wolfgang Brysch studied computational sciences in the USA and human medicine in Göttingen and Cambridge. After completion of his thesis and further research at Max-Planck-Institut for bio physical chemistry in Göttingen Dr. Brysch directed the laboratory for molecular neurobiology and cancer research. He has co-set up two successful, research based biotech enterprises as well as an IT company specialized in the pharmaceutical sector. He has 15 years experience in the development of commercial, biomedical products and its marketing at his disposal.
The main challange of the rising world energy supply motivated Dr. Brysch to co-set up NEXXOIL.