The NEXXOIL technology produces renewable fuels, chemicals, and minerals from various non-food feedstocks such as biomass and waste.

In the first step of the NEXXOIL READi process produces a high-quality oil. These oils can be used directly for electric power and/or heat generation or as raw material for the chemical industry. As a further option, the oil can be converted into standard fuel products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel by conventional refinery technology.



Features of the crude oils are given below:

  • containing up to more than 70 percent of the feedstock energy
  • high energy density
  • low oxygen content
  • fuel compatible boiling range
  • renewable
  • sustainable non-food feedstocks
  • suitable for the existing infrastructure

Some applications of the oils and/or their refinery products are given below:

  • heat and power plant fuels
  • hydrocarbon chemicals
  • fuel additives
  • drop in fuels for mobility including aviation and transport
  • lubricants

The minerals of the 
feedstock can be separated during the conversion process and collected for fertilizer applications.