NEXXOIL und HAW Hamburg drücken Startknopf für READi-PtL-Pilotanlage

Anfang Februar war es soweit: Nach langjähriger Forschungsarbeit hat NEXXOIL gemeinsam mit der HAW Hamburg die Pilot-Anlage der READi-Technologie im Technikum der HAW eingeweiht. Das große Ereignis fand im entsprechenden Rahmen statt. Neben der Hamburger Senatorin für Wissenschaft und Forschung, Katharina Fegebank, sowie Oliver Grundmann (MdB), Mitglied des Ausschusses für Umwelt und Naturschutz im Deutschen […]

Our pilot plant is up and running

What takes a long time … is finally up and running at our development site at the HAW campus in Hamburg-Bergedorf: Our pilot plant with an annual capacity of 100 t has finally been set up. The fact that it took longer than originally planned was mainly due to supply bottlenecks for individual components. Anyone […]

Crowdfunding period extended

In the current financing round, NEXXOIL has already raised over € 1.5 million. A response with which the company is very satisfied. In order to be able to drive the scaling for the much-needed technology even faster, the company recently decided to raise the funding maximum to € 1.7 million. And to capitalise on the […]

NEXXOIL is member of MVaK

We are happy to announce that NEXXOIL from now on is member of the MVaK, mediums-sized business alliance for waste-fuels. We are looking forward to working with all of the other members of the alliance on the future of renewable fuels.

New website released

Our new website is ready. We have tried to provide as much relevant information as possible while keeping in line with current web development standards. The new website should now also be easy to read on smartphones and tablets. We will endeavour to provide as timely and up-to-date information here as possible about current developments […]

Reactor has been assembled

Pilot Plant

The assembly of our pilot plant starts with the production of the 200-litre reactor.On Monday, 4 October, its TÜV test took place at our contract manufacturingpartner. This was successfully completed. On Thursday, 7 October, the reactor was married with the agitator and theprototype heating shells from other manufacturers, also at our contractmanufacturer. Preparation Assembling Done