Thorsten Dunker

Thorsten Dunker

Crowdfunding period extended

In the current financing round, NEXXOIL has already raised over € 1.5 million. A response with which the company is very satisfied. In order to be able to drive the scaling for the much-needed technology even faster, the company recently decided to raise the funding maximum to € 1.7 million. And to capitalise on the existing momentum, the campaign period will be extended by six weeks.

“We are very pleased about the great interest in our technology that we are experiencing from both investors and the market,” says NEXXOIL CEO Thorsten Dunker. “Despite the current difficult supply situation, we are optimistic that we will be able to start up our pilot plant in Hamburg in a few weeks. Then investors will be able to get an idea of production on a larger scale. This should convince more investors of our technology, so that we achieve 100 per cent of our financing target.”

Investors have until 10 July 2022 to invest in NEXXOIL or increase their existing investment.

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