Thorsten Dunker

Thorsten Dunker

Our pilot plant is up and running

What takes a long time … is finally up and running at our development site at the HAW campus in Hamburg-Bergedorf: Our pilot plant with an annual capacity of 100 t has finally been set up. The fact that it took longer than originally planned was mainly due to supply bottlenecks for individual components. Anyone who has ever built a house will have had similar experiences: If a single cog does not turn at the intended speed, the entire apparatus can get out of sync and falter.

We are pleased to have the 4th generation prototype ready for operation. In the next step, we will put the system into operation cold and hot. This is to check whether our READi solvolysis process runs stably in the upscaled plant as planned.

At the end of January, we will inaugurate the plant together with HAW, our project partner Krebs Brüggen Sekundärrohstoffe and guests from politics, academia and business.

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Pioneers wanted

We have increased the NEXXOIL team to ten employees. In the short term, we are looking for at least two more experts to strengthen our team. We need project engineers, process mechanics and/or chemical technicians – whom we have been actively looking for since the summer. So far, the response has unfortunately been very limited. After the supply chain problem, we are now facing the second acute challenge for our economy: the shortage of skilled workers.

Do you know someone who would be a candidate for one of the advertised positions? Here you will find the detailed requirement profiles, feel free to share this information with your network. We pay a bonus of 1,000 euros for the successful placement of an employee with NEXXOIL!

We hope that we will be able to fill the positions as soon as possible so that there are no further delays in the planned steps towards market entry for our CO2-neutral fuels. The market is ripe for our product and we continue to experience very high interest in our solution for decentralised biofuel production from the waste management sector and beyond. The tests with the waste samples submitted by potential plant buyers have also been extremely positive and in some cases even exceeded our high expectations.

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