Vision and mission



Nexxoil is becoming a global company that makes a sustainable contribution to tackling climate change.

Nexxoil is a major provider of key technology for the CO2-neutral energy transition.

We are making a significant contribution to solving the global waste problem (including the plastic waste problem in the sea).

We are paving the way for a complete replacement of fossil raw materials with renewable, CO2-neutral materials.


Our mission is to develop, optimize and market the most economical technology for the production of liquid hydrocarbon energy carriers from renewable sources such as non-food biomass and organic waste. We are committed to

  • closed-cycle production
  • zero waste biorefineries
  • climate neutral economic concepts
  • de-centralized solutions that can be operated by non-engineering staff on a local basis

This will aid the rapid deployment of our technology and will allow rural areas to gain access to a sustainable source of income.

We are organized as a chemical technology and engineering company. Our main objective is to scale and optimize the plant-designs for different feedstocks and commercial settings and to sell plants according to our customer’s requirements.

Passion Led Us Here