NEXXOIL AG is a swiss private company and was founded to scale-up and commercialize the next generation of Biomass and Waste-to-Liquid technology.

Fundamentals regarding this technology have been investigated by Prof. Willner at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany. In the year 2008 Prof. Willner and his team achieved a technological break-through in the chemical core process which pushed the technology from an experimental batch operation to a continuous, self sustaining process for industrial use.

NEXXOIL AG was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, end of 2009. The company entered an exclusive co-development agreement with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and acquired all patents which are the basis of the NEXXOIL technology.


Why choose us

  • – closed cycle production
    – zero waste biorefineries
  • – decentralized solutions
    – operated by non engineers
  • – no need for expensive catalysts
    – most economical technology
  • – continuous process
    – drop in fuels