NEXXOIL’s core technology is an advanced, proprietary (patents pending) physical and chemical process for the direct thermochemical conversion of biomass or organic waste (including plastics and sewage sludge) into liquid fuels.

The READi process is based on solvolytic direct liquefaction of different organic feedstocks in the temperature range between 250 and 500 °C. In the first step a high-quality light crude oil is produced. NEXXOIL crude oils can be used directly for electric power and/or heat generation or as raw-material for the chemical industry. As a further option the crude oil can be converted into standard fuel products such as gasoline, diesel and jet-fuel by conventional refinery technology.

Due to low conversion temperatures compared to synthesis gas processes high energy efficency is achieved. More than 80 percent of the primary feedstock energy can be conserved in the crude oil product. The direct liquefaction process itself needs less than 10 percent of the primary feedstock energy.

The minerals of the feedstock can be separated during the conversion process and collected for fertilizer applications.

Among the different approaches of liquefaction, the NEXXOIL process is unique, and has a lot of advantages.